Starbucks Columbia Capsules Review

starbucks columbia nespresso capsules

We have been using the Nespresso machine and different brands of capsules for about six months now. We have tried Peet’s, Nespresso, Lavazza, Trader Joe’s and now Starbucks Columbia capsules. We were lucky enough to be able to try the Starbucks capsules for free in exchange for our honest opinion. We love coffee and frequent Starbucks already, so we were excited to find they had compatible capsules for our machine. Because we typically like strong, dark espresso, we were somewhat skeptical that we would like the Columbia variety since it was labeled as medium. Boy, it did not disappoint! It was strong, creamy and had just the right flavor. Not too acidic or tangy, but nice and smooth. The other brands are also good, but I always feel Starbucks has a slight edge. We tried it both straight as espresso and made iced coffee. Both variations were super tasty and delicious! We highly recommend the Starbucks capsules and will definitely be purchasing more in the near future!