Norm’s Farms Elderberry and Blenditup Protein+ Smoothie Mix

I was fortunate enough to be selected by Tryazon to try both Blenditup Protein Powder and Norm’s Farms Elderberry products together. I hosted a “smoothie party” just before Halloween so everyone could try both products and give their honest opinions. We had lots of fun trying the elderberry syrup and extract, as well as the protein powder. I followed the directions for the protein powder and added the suggested amount of the elderberry to each batch. It got blended up in a bullet blender with some frozen berries and a bit of ice. The taste was amazing with no added sugar! There are so many ways you can prepare delicious smoothies using both the protein mix and elderberry. We all gave both products two thumbs up and couldn’t wait to try it again!!

The Blenditup Protein+ Smoothie Mix is not flavored, but rather has a “mild natural flavor with a hint of sweetness”, making it very versatile. It is not chalky or clumpy and blends up beautifully!

Product of USA!
100% Vegan
No Dairy
No Gluten
No Animal Products
No Nuts
No Yeast
No Egg
No Added Sugar (only 2g/serving)
14g Protein per Serving
Vitamin Fortified
Contains Soy (organic soy)

Norm’s Farms Elderberry products are great! They taste great and are good for you. These products came at the perfect time, so we can help to prepare our immune systems for cold and flu season. The best part of the elderberry products is that they kids love them! The Elderberry Wellness Syrup has honey, cinnamon and cloves in it. The only thing that is bothersome, is that they are not certified organic. I did however, reach out to the company, and they assured me that they rarely need to address pests using pesticides. Overall, I like the small family farming and dedication to their passion.

Tastes great and even the kids love it!
All natural
Not Certified Organic